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For 10 to 100 users, a buy now option is available to get your team up and running with Agile training right away.

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  • Entire course library on-demand
  • Business Agility courses
  • 300+ high quality video lessons
  • 47 hours of learning
  • Practical handouts & quizzes
  • 12 week lesson plan
  • Access to role learning
  • Earn PDUs
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Enterprise Starter Plan

For more than 100 users, pricing starts at $170 per user per year with additional discounts and exclusives at volume.

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  • Everything from Enterprise Starter
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  • Engagement webinars (500+)
  • Role-based engagement webinars (500+)
  • Usage & tracking tool
  • User engagement sequence
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  • Quarterly reviews & touch points (500+)
  • Current and future videos included
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  On-demand access
  300+ videos
  5 role-based learning paths
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  9 learning tracks for Agile leadership
  Insights from real Transformation leaders
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Role-based learning that goes beyond the basics

Our comprehensive Agile library contains expert-led courses and real-life simulationsof an Agile team at work, in small, standalone lessons. So every employee hasaccess to high-quality, on-demand video training that supports theirlearning needs and your transformation agenda.

9,291 users can’t be wrong

“It’s nice totake a 30-minute training break andlearnsomething new.”

Kathy Taylor
Scrum Master

“AgileVideos is my go-to resource for educating myself and others.”

Marguerite Stearns
Agile Coach

“So good. We had a team manager change, so I’ll recommend they sign up.”

Pauline Reid
Telecom Analyst

“Thank you for the collection of Agile training videos. These were very informative and understanding the various team roles, tools and team dynamics.”

Roy Lobo
Project Manager

“The simulation videos are very impressive, they provide a visual representation of a real world discussions at work place. Thanks for the hard and good work.”

Kumar Dasari
Scrum Master

“Love the bite-sized handling of topics makes me want to complete more in one sitting.”

Don Lorde
Project Manager

“The videos, reference files and documents are amazing. Everything to the point, and realistic. Great help for the Agile community.”

Jaspal Saran
Agile Project Manager

“Great overview of the Agile lifecycle. Cost, Time and People relationship, Waterfall vs Agile difference, etc. Everything was well explained.”

Goutham Telu
Systems Analyst

“Helped me get an in-depth grasp of the scrum process, sprints, velocity, points, burn charts and the four main scrum ceremonies.”

Ketan Jayswal
Project Manager

How many team members need agile training?

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Licenses are just $199 per month per user—volume discounts available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AgileVideos?

AgileVideos is a skills development platform that delivers expert-led courses in bite-sized lessons, designed specifically for Agile on-the-job learning for all roles and all levels of the Enterprise.

Why is AgileVideos better than Udemy or LinkedIn Learning?

Short, one-off courses for individual learners are great for skimming the surface. But when you’re leading an Agile transformation across an enterprise, you need training that has the breadth and depth to meet an entire organization’s needs. So everyone - at all levels - is using the same language and the same methodologies. As the world’s largest Agile training resource, only AgileVideos is able to provide that one source of knowledge across the core Agile topics.

What’s the cost?

Access to the entire library starts from $180 per user (minimum 10 users). This provides access to every video in the on-demand library, all downloadable material, and course progress tracking. Need access across your entire Enterprise? Contact us directly at Sales@AgileVideos.com

Who is behind AgileVideos?

AgileVideos was created by AgilityHealth - a team of Agile Practitioners with over 20 years experience implementing and leading Agile transformations. Originally, the videos were created to support AgilityHealth Radar - a continuous improvement and measurement platform that assesses team health and maturity across the enterprise.

Can I track user engagement?

Yes. AgileVideos provides full usage reports so you can see what users are watching and learning. LMS integration is also available.

Got another question?
Contact us directly at Sales@AgileVideos.com